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The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud is America’s only anti-fraud alliance speaking for consumers, insurance companies, government agencies and others.

Through its unique work, the Coalition empowers consumers to fight back, helps fraud fighters better detect this crime and deters more people from committing fraud.

The Coalition supports this mission with a large and continually expanding armory of practical tools: Information, research & data, services and insight as a leading voice of the anti-fraud community.

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Address: NAMSDL Headquarters Office
1335 North Front Street, First Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17102
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Formed in 1993, NAMSDL began as the President’s Commission on Model State Drug Laws. This congressionally-established commission was charged with creating a model code of laws to help states effectively address alcohol and other drug abuse.

Of particular interest is their Model Patient Protection & Treatment Ethics Actc

A model law outlawing unethical “treatment providers” who are preying on those suffering with SUDs and their families to fiscally exploit them and their health insurers without providing real treatment, through patient brokering, website hijacking, kickbacks and other illegal means.


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