Ethics in Treatment

Helping clients and families navigate the world of addiction treatment to avoid insurance fraud, body brokering, and other unethical practices. 

Ethics Issues in Treatment

There are so many excellent addiction treatment centers out there that engage in ethical practices and sound clinical judgement. Unfortunately the ones we hear about most are the ones that are treating humans who are suffering the most like a commodity in the pursuit to wealth.  This website is about how to identify and avoid such bad-doers in the space of addiction treatment. 

The Dangers


A practice of profit over patient, this practice has the capacity to be deadly to its victims.


Co-pays, Deductibles, co-insurances. Some treatment centers try to game the system.


Lucrative dollars for pee. Finally the industry is getting wise to this unethical profit center.

Professional Ethics Self-Assessment

Check out a set of questions by which you can assess your own professional ethics.

What Can I Do?

It is important to note that the majority of treatment centers are above board and have very noble missions.  It is the shady business practices of a few that ruin it for those who are out to treat those who are suffering. The fraudulent practices grab clients away with glitzy marketing from those who run ethical and clinically sound programs. 

One one way resolve this issue of unethical practices is to report them when you find them!