Model Patient Protection And Treatment Ethics Act

This is a lovely suggested model of a treatment ethics law that could use your attention. It was created by the National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws.

Read it. If you like what it says, ask your legislators what they are doing to accomplish those patient safety goals.

If someone dies….

If somebody dies, even in drug rehab, shouldn’t it be a potential crime?

With enormous hope, Gail and Warwick Dunnett sent their son Harrison – a rapper, poet and musician who struggled with learning disabilities – to an addiction treatment center in Pasadena to get well. Harrison, 20, was giddy over his acceptance to the Los Angeles College of Music, and eager to start the next phase of his life.

A look at South Floridians charged in health care fraud, opioid crackdown

A look at South Floridians charged in health care fraud, opioid crackdown

Authorities charge 601 people in health care fraud, opioid crackdown. Federal authorities call it the largest health care fraud crackdown in history. Among the people charged are 165 doctors, nurses and other licensed medical professionals. Authorities charge 601 people in health care fraud, opioid crackdown.

Part of why we’re seeing less prosecutions

Why judge’s ruling on patient brokering may up-end prosecutions

WEST PALM BEACH – Like dozens of others charged with patient brokering since prosecutors began their crackdown on Palm Beach County’s illicit drug treatment industry, James Kigar blames his legal woes on bad advice he received from an attorney.The excuse, once dismissed as idle finger-pointing, this week became a powerful tool Kigar and other treatment center operators can use to help them beat charges that they used recovering addicts to get rich.In a ruling that was praised

California Lawmakers Want To Crack Down On Fraud At Drug Rehab Centers.

California Lawmakers Want To Crack Down On Fraud At Drug Rehab Centers. Will It Work?

Some lawmakers are aiming to cut down on corruption at addiction-recovery facilities by changing the way insurance companies reimburse providers. There are a whole host of problems with the drug rehab industry, according to a major investigation by the Southern California News Group: No degree, medical or otherwise, is required to get a facility license; and some centers are administering subpar, and even unnecessary, care and then billing insurance companies for it in the hopes of earning high reimbursements.

Cracking down on abuses

County passes registry for some drug rehab centers to crack down on abuses

In what could be a first in California, licensed addiction treatment providers will be required to register annually with the Orange County Health Care Agency – and disclose webs of related businesses, such as urine- and blood-testing labs, pharmacies, real-estate-holding companies that manage sober living homes and the like.

A Federal answer to body brokering?

The Health 202: How the opioids bill could halt exploitation of addicted Americans

Much of the 660-page opioids package President Donald Trump could sign this week aims at expanding access to treatment and limiting opportunities for people to become addicted in the first place. But a five-page provision near its end seeks to protect drug-addicted Americans from a strange and particularly egregious kind of exploitation.

New Addiction Treatment Related Laws enacted in California!

New rehab laws may revamp addiction treatment in California

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a raft of bills into law Wednesday that will begin imposing order on the Wild Wild West of California’s addiction treatment system. Most take small steps in what reformers say is the right direction – toward stronger regulation.

Treatment CEO’s ask for increased regulation.

In a Hearing About Addiction Treatment Companies’ Sketchy Advertising Practices, CEOs Ask for More Regulation

At a hearing this week investigating the addiction treatment industry’s sketchy marketing practices, various industry representatives said they agreed that their peers need more regulation-but that their own business practices were kosher. “We support the committee’s efforts to clean up the practices that are harming us all,” said Marvin Ventrell, executive director of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

Legislators taking aim

Legislators taking aim at scams in the drug rehab industry

Eighteen of his friends lost the addiction battle in just the past two years, the most recent in October – in a sober living home. “The road to this bill is paved with dead bodies,” said Ryan Hampton, a writer and addiction recovery activist who supports California Senate Bill 1228, also known as the Substance Use Disorder Patient Protection Act.


Does the proposed legislation have enough teeth to be effective?