Model Patient Protection And Treatment Ethics Act

This is a lovely suggested model of a treatment ethics law that could use your attention. It was created by the National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws.

Read it. If you like what it says, ask your legislators what they are doing to accomplish those patient safety goals.

NAATP Releases Treatment Provider Guidebook

NAATP Releases Treatment Provider Guidebook

The National Association is pleased to release the NAATP Addiction Treatment Provider Quality Assurance Guidebook: A Guide to the Core Competencies for the Delivery of Addiction Treatment Services (The Guidebook). The Guidebook identifies, describes, and provides implementation strategy for the core competencies of addiction treatment program operation, thereby empowering addiction treatment providers with clear direction for the proficient and ethical delivery of addiction treatment services.

ASAM Public Policy Statement on Ethical Promotion and Patient Recruitment by Addiction Treatment Programs

Predatory behavior on Facebook

Predatory behavior runs rampant in Facebook’s addiction support groups

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has spent a year acting as a cheerleader for community support groups, especially those focused on addiction recovery. But scratching the surface of these organizations reveals the need for a referee, instead. Without that, there’s nothing to protect the most vulnerable people on the platform from this impenetrable tangle of altruism and e-commerce.